When: 2nd – 3rd December 2017
Where: artist’s apartment in Milano

Curator: Twenty14
Artist: Jacopo G. Quaggia
Performers: Clara Del Nero, Giulia Gioanina

Twenty14 (T14) wonders, together with the artist, on several hot topics such as the confusion generated by the contemporary art world, the difficulty of the audience to participate in an increasingly self-referential circuit and the precariousness of an artist’s career; bringing such debates on the plan of the parody. Using irony and sarcasm T14 questions the role of the artistic promoter itself, dressing him as Real Estate Agent.
So the curators become sellers of an apartment that has been for the artist studio, home and at the same time a nightmare (incubo), leading the public to a rather unlikely purchase proposal.

The artist’s book “INCUBO” has been conceived and produced by Quaggia in collaboration with T14 in a limited edition of 40 copies.

Link to the exhibition: mostraincubo.tumblr.com
Link to purchase the book: incubo-artist-book

Jacopo Gospel Quaggia (1982) is an artist based in Milan. He uses photography and writing as his main medium. INCUBO is his first personal exhibition.

Twenty14 is a curatorial duo, working on selected exhibition projects, cultural events production, education and art consulting.