When: from 2010 to 2012 (then left the apartment)
Where: 9th arrondissement, Paris

Curator: Alexandra Baudelot

Established and directed by Alexandra Baudelot, Rosascape is a platform for contemporary creation that straddles multiple spheres as a private art centre and production unit, exploring the contexts of production and reception of works as well as their mode of display by attending to specific notions such as the question of private, intimate space.

The decision to house Rosascape in an architecturally defined space — a private, intimate, theatrical space, playing with a tension between interior and exterior space and the domestic character of its surroundings — rather than in a neutral, ‘white cube’ type of exhibition space, stems from a will to perceptibly shift the relationship to artworks and artistic experiences. A critical awareness of the standardisation of exhibition spaces in the context of globalisation, and thus of the standardised relationship between the artwork and the public, led us to seek and occupy a site and experiential sphere of a different kind — a left-field space — and displace, in this way, our relationship to contemporary art.

Website: www.rosascape.com
Blog: rosascape.tumblr.com