When: since 2006
Where: via Nosadella 2, Bologna
Host: Elisa Del Prete (curator)

Based in Bologna, Nosadella.due stems from the desire to create a dialogue between contemporary art and the social fabric of the city, the belief that the artist should set in dialogue with other professionals to enable new processes of citizens’awareness on the context they are living, the story they are sharing, the future they are building. As for this, Nosadella.due started and established as a private residency for public projects, always produced thorugh a collaborative approach with other cultural, social and economical organizations. Open to foreign artists and curators selected for their innovative researchs, Nosadella.due is a curatorial project that explores the current developments of artistic intervention in the public context, seeking to create a link, in a country that inherits an intrusive past as Italy, between conservation and transformation, heritage and contemporary gaze.
Established in 2006 with the patronage of the Region of Emilia-Romagna, the Provincial council, the Bologna City council, the Academy of Fine Art and MAMbo-Modern Art Museum of Bologna, Nosadella.due has been set up as a long-term project with the intention to develop a reciprocal relationship between local, national and international centres, through involvement and dialogue with public and private foreign institutions. Nosadella.due aims to contribute to the international mobility of contemporary art professionals stimulating interactions between different cultures and expressions, and to offer experimental artist workshops open to public where art leads people of different ages, backgrounds and professions, to re-think about their collective identity.
Through this, Nosadella.due works to activate public bodies and private organisations in creating a co-operative network with the aim to design new models of social and cultural development by sharing specific skills and knowledge.